Miles Bredin lives in Kenya with his wife, the economist Jo Nickolls, and his daughter Zara. He has written for newspapers and magazines worldwide – from the London to New York Times.

He has published widely; from a newspaper history of Kenya, to a photographic book about Laikipia and a study on the Roots of Modern Government in Ethiopia.

His last book was the best-selling Born Wild with Tony Fitzjohn.


Blood on the Tracks

The Pale Abyssinian

Born Wild


Born Wild with Tony Fitzjohn

Born Wild describes his breathless roller coaster across the African savannah with passion and humour, an inspirational tale of what one committed individual can achieve against the odds.”Brian Jackman Sunday Telegraph
Brilliant, truly brilliant. I was hooked. It was inspiring, moving and exciting. He is the last of the swashbuckling conservationists who has selflessly devoted his life to the people and the wildlife of Africa. A true african adventure of epic proportions. It makes me want to give up everything and move to Africa.” Ben Fogle
Hugely compelling and funnily written. From tragedies of the worst kind to triumphs unimaginable, he’s a true pioneer making up solutions to situations as he goes along.” Martin Clunes
The passages describing the lions the three men were raising and rehabilitating into the wild are odes to harmony, serenity and understanding.” The Daily Telegraph

The Pale Abyssinian

What a man and what a story.”Nobel Laureate Doris Lessing's book of the year
A wonderful story, splendidly retold.”Anthony Daniels, Sunday Telegraph
An excellent account of the man and his travels…James Bruce was a larger-than-life character whose exploits deserved retelling and whose reputation sorely demanded rehabilitation. The Pale Abyssinian does both of them proud.”Michael Thompson-Noel, Financial Times
An interesting story dashingly told.”Philip Hensher, Spectator
Bruce emerges from this penetrating and original study as one of the toughest, bravest, and most effective and learned of British African pioneers. He mapped and sounded the Red Sea; he was the first European for more than two centuries to get into, then out of, Abyssinia and live to tell the tale.”Robert Carver, Times Literary Supplement
Bruce died in 1794, falling down a staircase in a rush to accompany a woman to her carriage. It was a sad if appropriately courtly end for the irascible charmer whose story Bredin tells so well.”Giles Foden, Guardian

Blood on the Tracks

Bredin has the special gift of describing mind-numbing atrocities with humour and style and without, importantly, diminishing the power of what he has seen. The result is an immensely enjoyable story. Heart-breaking, funny, intelligent… it is the best book I have read about Africa for some time.”The Times
Here is a thorough account of modern Africa told with ghastly clarity… Blood on the Tracks is a triumph of personal courage and clear reporting…”Evening Standard
Blood on the tracks is the most appallingly compelling book about modern Africa I have read, at once a protracted nightmare, an ironic entertainment and an expression of tragic despair.” Jan Morris



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